8 Reasons Every New Mom Needs Baby’s Brilliant

May 25, 2015

Having a new baby is overwhelming in the most wonderful way imaginable. This precious gift is a moving, breathing piece of you and all you want to do is love it. Of course, as much as you love it, you can’t help but live life too. This means you can’t just sit there and stare at him or her all day long. You need your quiet time too.

The creators of Baby’s Brilliant produced this wonderful baby app with both the baby and new mom (or dad) in mind. New parents need time for themselves but they also understand the critical moments in their child’s development, especially during the early stages of life. So why should parents have Baby’s Brilliant downloaded on their mobile device?


8 Reasons Mom Loves Baby’s Brilliant

    1. Mom can have some peace and quiet

      Mom can enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet as the baby enjoys the wide array of music and educational selections offered by Baby’s Brilliant. From nursery rhymes to classical music, language learning programs, and so much more!


    1. Mom doesn’t have to spend time searching for great baby music

      With the available selections offered by Baby’s Brilliant, there is no need to spend hours looking for what’s best for their baby to listen to. The collection of music offered by Baby’s Brilliant is some of the most popular. Are you familiar to Frere Jacques, Humpty Dumpty, …


    1. Baby can have stories read to them

      Most new parents say they will make sure their child gets a bedtime story every night. Let’s face it. Some of us get really busy and find it impossible to take even that extra half hour to read a story. Baby’s Brilliant offers a nice way for young children to enjoy having a story read to them, while they flip through pages of the book.


    1. Moms know their little ones have a chance to be multilingual

      Having the ability to speak and understand another language can be very powerful for anyone. It’s never too early to introduce your baby to another language. Baby’s Brilliant offers a great selection of languages from Chinese, German, Spanish, and more.


    1. Moms who want to introduce church music to their young ones can

      There are soft, classical religious music available, such as Give Me Oil in My Lamp, Amazing Grace, and a few other wonderful, familiar songs to choose from.



    1. You can shop in peace

      It can be very daunting, sometimes embarrassing when you’ve got a child who seems to be out of control, especially in public. With Baby’s Brilliant, not only will you be at ease about your child’s technology use, but you will also have the peace and quiet you need to get your shopping done. Last thing you need is to have a temper tantrum going on while you’re trying to check out.


    1. Security is tight

      One of the dangers of leaving your child alone with YouTube is their easy ability to wander off and start clicking on other videos that might be inappropriate for them. With Baby’s Brilliant, there is no danger of having this happen. Do check out the features when you sign up!


    1. Baby’s Brilliant is a fantastic gift!

      Most moms have other New Mom friends. The Baby’s Brilliant apps for babies is a great gift for New Moms, especially those who love nursery rhymes themselves and can see the benefits of education and learning multiple languages. Want to impress your New Mom friends? Get them a package of Baby’s Brilliant songs!