10 Things the Baby’s Brilliant App Allows Mom to Have Time For

mom time
March 8, 2016
Mom time can be very rare, especially for those with young children. However, all is not lost! We are here to help!

mom time

One mom realized there had to be a way for other moms to escape, even for a few moments at a time. Knowing about the great advancements in technology and how our children are developing with much more intellect, because of it, she decided it was time to create something brilliant for both babies and their moms!

Mom Time Just Became Possible with Baby’s Brilliant

Here are 10 things moms can now do, because their baby enjoys the Baby’s Brilliant app so much!

  1. Exercise
  2. There are many videos you can purchase so you can exercise at the comfort of your home, while your baby enjoys the many videos available on the app.

  3. Laundry
  4. Moms usually wait until nap time to do this, but now they don’t have to!

  5. Cook
  6. Cooking food is something that needs baby-free time because we can’t possibly have a stove on while we’re holding a baby! Some babies will sit quietly as long as they are entertained!

  7. Clean
  8. Turn that vacuum on! Many babies are afraid of certain sounds around the house, but if you help familiarize them with these sounds, their fears can go away! The new soundboards on the app can help them do just that!

  9. Buy groceries or shop
  10. Here’s a great way to avoid meltdowns at the grocery store! Just turn on a favorite song or video from the app and you’re golden!

  11. Spend time with your other kids
  12. Because a baby requires a lot of their parents’ time, the kids can feel left out. Now parents can have time to do crafts, read books, and just one-on-one time with their other kids.

  13. Catch up with friends
  14. It can be difficult to have a social life when you have baby duties around the clock. With your baby in a better, more entertained mood, you can perhaps schedule coffee time or even a few phone call minutes with your friends.

  15. Watch your favorite shows
  16. Even TV time can be a drag when it’s constantly interrupted by a baby’s cries or one wanting constant attention. A few moments on the TV can be a few moments you can have your mind away from your stress or any troubles you might have.

  17. Have more time in the bathroom
  18. There is nothing worse than having to go to the toilet and rushing to get out, because your baby is freaking out about something. Now you can simply have that much needed moment to do whatever you need to without feeling rushed.

  19. Put your feet up and relax
  20. What?! Relax, you say? Yes! Now you can have those extra free moments to sit with our cup of coffee and just enjoy the sun or stare into space. Whatever it is you need to do to help relax your mind, even if it’s just for a few moments at a time!

Now, how about starting your day with a smile? Make mom time possible and create a new relationship with your family! Enjoy the Baby’s Brilliant app!