The Benefits of the Baby’s Brilliant App

February 17, 2016

The benefits of the BabysBrilliant App for babies are many. People always ask us about the various videos and educational series we have. We would like to lay it all out and help you understand all the advantages both you and your baby would gain from the app.


Benefits of App for Babies

Night Lights

The night lights addition to the app was designed to help moms who have trouble getting babies to sleep. Night lights are believed to be soothing for a baby and helps to calm them down, especially during their already restless hours.

Each night light comes with soothing music to help the baby get that much needed sleep faster. Think of it as an almost trans-like state. They know they’re tired, but they just refuse to let go and just sleep.

The combination of night lights and music can calm your baby down as well as put you in a relaxed state. It’s a great tool for moms who really DO take advantage of those naps when their baby sleeps!

Read-Along Books

There are many parents around the world who love their kids to death, but can’t always be with them every day. Some parents have to travel for work and sometimes they need a vacation too!

One of the many things we hate as parents is leaving our children behind. Read-along books were designed specifically to help soothe our kids during their fussiest hour of the day – bedtime.

With read-along books, parents can have stories recorded with their voice so their children can still hear their parents doing what they do every day – read them a book.

Of course, if you prefer the feature of just having your child go through the motion of reading a book, they can still have that option simply by clicking the book icon on the Baby’s Brilliant app and choosing your book of choice.

benefits of app for babies

Hearing Impaired Videos

Believe it or not, there are many children around the world who have difficulty hearing or can’t hear at all. Now, we have hearing impaired nursery rhyme videos so these children are not only encouraged to learn sign language, but can also enjoy the beauty of each video.


Interactive Soundboards

Babies and toddlers love to follow along, because they love to learn! What better way to help them do so by giving them interactive videos that allow them to make choices with animals, letters, colors, and so much more!

Multi-Lingual Videos

Not only could children around the world enjoy our videos, but now your children can learn other languages too! Our educational videos for babies are animated to simplify learning.

Classical Music

It is well-known that classical music can have a calming effect, especially for babies. It’s also easier to associate moments with classical music, helping them expand their memories and long-term memory. Plus, it’s another great way to get babies to fall asleep.