How to Use the Baby’s Brilliant App

April 17, 2016

The beauty of the Baby’s Brilliant app is the ease of use for both parents and babies. The following is a complete breakdown of how to use all the great functions and everything great you can find in it!

As soon as you login, the first thing you will find is a list of videos you’ve already purchased. You can choose to play them one at a time or create a playlist.

How to Create a Playlist

A playlist allows you to organize each of your purchased item. In addition, if your child is about a year or just less than 2 years old, he or she may not know how to navigate around an iPad just yet. So in order to have the videos play continuously, it’s best to place them in a playlist.

To do so, press the playlist icon on your purchased item (see figure 1).

using baby's brilliant app
figure 1

If you haven’t already create a playlist, a popup will appear allowing you to do so. Create a playlist by clicking on the Create New Playlist box.

create playlist
figure 2

Then enter the name of the playlist you wish to create. After you press done, you can then create other playlists by repeating the process.

How to Add Favorites

Can you find the star at the top menu bar? Can you also locate it at the bottom right side of each purchased item?

add to favorites
figure 3

When you click on the one located at the bottom right of your purchased item, you should be able to find it along with your other favorites, simply by clicking on the star icon at the top menu.

How to Find Animated Videos

You will find a wide array of animated videos your baby is sure to enjoy. Just think of your favorite nursery rhymes and check out this list. You may find a very lovely version of it, perfect for your little one’s enjoyment!

See the icon circled on the following image?

animated children's videos

Just click this icon in the Baby’s Brilliant app and you’ll find more than 50 different videos to choose from!

How to Choose Music for Your Kids

Find the image of a guitar on the menu bar of the Baby’s Brilliant app. Once clicked, you will find some of the most popular genres of music enjoyed by babies worldwide:

  • Classical Music
  • Playful Classics
  • Nap Time and Bedtime Music
  • Popular Songs
  • Lullabies
  • Spanish Songs
  • Religious Songs

How to Find the Perfect Night Lights for Your Baby’s Sleep Routine

There are so many amazing benefits for including night lights into your baby’s sleep routine. It can help them calm down, give them a sense of comfort, all resulting in their ability to sleep soundly and well.

Simply click on the image of the moon and stars icon and shown below, choose a category of night lights, and choose your favorite night light video. Make sure to include it in your favorites!

night lights for baby

Find the Perfect Books to Help Your Child Learn to Read

read along books for kids

Now, are you ready for something that might shock you? Here’s a perfect way to help your child learn to read!

Sometimes sitting next to your little one and reading a story is so much fun for him or her, because you’re reading it. So imagine if they can feel the benefit of reading their favorite book themselves with the help of our read-along features?

Not only is your child going to hear their favorite story get read to them, but they will be able to follow along and repeat it as often as possible!

Our collection of read-along books are growing! Here’s a great list of categories that are already available or ones that are coming soon:

  • Baby’s Brilliant Books
  • Raising Peaceful Kids Books
  • The Adventures of Midge and Moo (Coming soon)
  • Sleepy Sunshine Publications (Coming soon)
  • Read Along books in Spanish
  • Bible Stories

How to Choose the Perfect Interactive Video to Boost Your Child’s Development

The perfect way to learn for anyone, even babies, is through the ability to interact. On the Baby’s Brilliant app, we offer fantastic videos in 6 different languages, especially made for your little one!

Just click on the interactive icon on the Baby’s Brilliant menu bar and you’ll find your list of selections there!

baby's brilliant app tutorial

How to Find Hearing Impaired Videos for Your Child

hearing impaired videos

The beauty of Baby’s Brilliant is so EVERYONE can enjoy it. Hearing impaired videos are available on the Baby’s Brilliant app. Just click on the ear icon on the menu bar and make a choice!