Introduce your children to the world around them in a new and engaging way!

The Baby’s Brilliant  website and App offer a variety of entertaining and educational videos and read along books for today’s parent on the go. Created by a mother of three, Baby’s Brilliant introduces children to the world around them in an engaging, enriching, playful and educational way.

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Baby’s Brilliant is award winning!

Baby’s Brilliant is the proud recipient of the  Award for Online Resources by The Mother’s Choice Awards!

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Wherever you are and wherever you go, anywhere in the world!

You can download entertainment from the Baby’s Brilliant App anywhere in the world! Baby’s Brilliant is being downloaded in over 90 countries!

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Combining music, learning and fun your kids will love!

The Beat Buds have partnered with Baby’s Brilliant to create a series of animated music videos of their hit songs

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Entertaining and Educational


Baby’s Brilliant was created by Ulli Coulter, a busy mother of three, dedicated to giving parents a  simple and practical way to keep their children entertained  in meaningful ways, in this new digital era.

”  As a mother, my goal has always been to try to provide the best for my children.  My mission is to create entertainment that will not only engage yours, but educate and inspire them ”

Ulli Coulter


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We are creating OER and STEM/STEAM resources for Early Childhood Educators, in collaboration with our partners at Hey Teacher Teacher. All our educational books are FREE on our website and Apps!


Download our latest book  ” It’s Alright To Be Different “.



” It’s Alright To Be Different ”

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  • If you’re looking for an app that can entertain your child...Then this app is for you!

When life gets hectic and you need your children to be entertained, yet also want their minds engaged and learning the Baby’s Brilliant App is the perfect solution. After attempting to have her nap for about thirty minutes only to hear her climbing in and out of bed, talking, and jumping I put her in front of the app with some songs playing. She instantly calmed and kept asking for more songs! It was wonderful.

- Jenny, 5 Minutes for Mom
  • here are so many possibilities and uses for this app. It is even available in Spanish and Chinese.