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Not all children are created equal. Some are born to be “perfect” just as most parents see their children. Perfect until they start to grab toys away from other children, because sharing is just too challenging. Who wants to give up their toys for another child to play with?

Ever feel like your little needs help in the “sharing” field? Here’s a book that might be very helpful:

No todos los niños son creados iguales. Algunos nacen para ser “perfectos” y precisamente así es como la mayoría de los padres ven a sus hijos. Perfectos hasta que empiezan a quitar juguetes a otros niños, porque compartir es demasiado difícil. ¿Quién quiere dejar sus juguetes a otro niño?

¿Alguna vez ha pensado que su hijo necesita ayuda a la hora de compartir? Este libro le puede resultar útil:

Please do look out for it as it is coming soon to Amazon. However, we do have another book that’s also filled with important lessons about kindness and anti-bullying for young children. Please check out the book, “It’s Alright to Look Different” on Amazon. There is Nothing Like Sharing will also be available on Amazon soon!

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Author Information

Benedict Coulter

Benedict Coulter was born and raised in Paris, France where his father was a novelist. Benedict has written twenty children's book and is already working on his next one.


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