by Gabriella Musacchia – Mom, PhD, Neuroscience

Dr. Gabriella Musacchia is an Assistant Professor at Montclair State and Research Scientist at the Rutgers University Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience, but she’s also the mother to an active little boy. Dr. Musacchia is also the President of BabyRhythms®, Music for Infant and Toddler Development.

What sets Baby’s Brilliant above other video apps for children is the richness, texture and rhythm of the sounds and speech they use. The speech in the Educational section is rhymed and thoughtful, which engages more of the linguistic centers in the baby brain. All of their songs are from live recordings including symphonies and child vocals. This makes the Baby’s Brilliant app more valuable than others with synthesized music because from a neuroscience perspective songs with rhythmic and acoustic complexity can enhance brain processing, especially for infants and children as they are listening to the world with new ears (and minds!).