by Melanie – Mom of a Little Boy with Autism

I really have enjoyed using the Baby’s Brilliant App with my autistic son. He is a very strong visual learner and it has helped tremendously with facilitating interest and interactions between us. I use it not only as a way for him to play independently but also as a teaching tool for my homeschool. The audio video books are great. The stories are simple and have allowed me to teach him about feelings and social skills such as sharing in a way that is fun and easy for him to understand. The music videos are also great. They have allowed me to facilitate an interest in singing and songs. My child once again has to have both a visual and audio together in order to have an interest. When I do school work or things that are stressful such as washing his hair, I play classical music. You can make your own playlist of classical music to use at anytime that is needed. You just have to have your phone with you and if you are like most, you usually have it on you. The night lights videos are great for calming not only my son but me. It plays calming music while giving you a peaceful visual of different images. When we have stressful moments I sometimes have us watch one of these peaceful videos to help calm us both down. I really enjoy the app cause it is something my child can use himself. My child loves you tube videos but he can’t type or spell out what he wants. So first he has to try to communicate what he wants and then I have to type it in. Sometimes he gets frustrated cause he can’t tell me exactly what he wants. With the Baby’s Brilliant app he can use it himself. If your child knows to tap the screen to select something and can scroll the screen, they can use the app themselves. That is a big plus when I need a break. I know he is still doing something that is educational and that he can do himself without frustration. If you have a child who is a visual learner, who enjoys stories and listening to music, this is a great app that you can customize for your child. I look forward to us using the science videos and other things on the app as my child grows and develops.