2 Helpful Tools to Promote Good Behavior to Combat Bullying

October 15, 2017

Bullying is real and have affected many lives all over the world. It can happen in any group setting, whether it’s at a playground, school, company, and even church.

It’s wonderful to see more people getting involved as the rise of tragedies caused by bullying have occurred. In some areas, laws are being set to help local communities combat this secret, yet sometimes fatal problem.

We understand that life happens all around us from the sweet to the sorrow. Yet, we forget to pay attention to the things that are “out of sight out of mind” sometimes and don’t realize until it’s too late.

All children are born beautiful and innocent. However, they are molded by their surroundings and whether we like it or not, we are responsible for most of the influence that takes place around them. So if your child is still in the very early stages of his or her life, help them understand the wonders of being empathetic, kind and compassionate with 2 very helpful tools:


We cannot express the beauty of reading along with your child enough. Not only does it provide a very bonding moment between parent and child, but it also helps them connect in very special ways with characters in the book. Most children’s stories are written to help children understand real life scenarios in ways that are easier for them to understand.

Baby’s Brilliant offers parents books geared towards their development and helps their children relate to many of the mysteries they have in their little world. Parents can have those special one-on-one moments with their child, helping them to go through beautiful stories. Sometimes children love the stories so much, they love having it read to them over and over.

Parents have the option to go through read-alongs so their children can follow along with their books while someone is still able to read the story with their child, even if parents aren’t always available. It’s one of the beauties of a read-along!


Music has a special way of setting moods and helping to create special feelings. It’s calming and sometimes heart-warming capabilities can help provide feelings of empathy, kindness and compassion as it touches us all from the inside.

Check out the endearing, beautiful collection of music from the Baby’s Brilliant collection to help set the mood for happy moments in a child’s life. Happiness is contagious and it’s the best way to encourage great behaviors.