5 Books to Help Enrich Your Child’s Mind and Development

August 14, 2017
According to Marian Cleeves, director of UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science from 1990 to 1996, “If you provide early enrichment while the brain is growing rapidly you can get larger changes than after it has reached its peak of growth.”

Have you ever heard someone say kids have great memory or that they’re fast learners? There are many explanations and theories that explain why this is, especially in comparison to the way an adult brain works.

Just like the rest of a child’s body, growth and development is in process. This is also a reason parents are believed to have significant value in a child’s life and that their values are shaped based on their surroundings and what we as parents do to help them grow into the individuals they later become as adults.

The following are 10 helpful books that help enrich children’s minds so they can have what we believe are to be bright and healthy futures:

  1. Huffy Puffy Cloud
  2. Here’s a lovely story about how this lonely cloud makes a new friend.


  3. Love Is The Moon And The Stars And The Sky
  4. This award winning book shows kids how to bring love into their daily lives.

    bringing love into our lives

  5. Life is a Rainbow
  6. Here’s an inspirational book about the beauty of life.

    beauty of life

  7. I Forgive You
  8. Here’s a lovely book about forgiveness.

  9. Gratitude Is A Funny Thing
This book helps children learn how to live with gratitude and listen to their intuition.