5 Genius Ways to Get Your Kids to Develop a Love for Reading

October 8, 2017
Kids are like sponges, so we hear people always say, which is why there should be no reason we can’t get them literature happy at an early age! Expanding their imagination and helping them get into the love of reading could also help them towards their love of education.

Helpful Tips to Get Your Kids to Develop a Love for Reading

So how do you do it? How do you get your kids to develop a love for reading?

  1. 1. Repetition with audiobooks
  2. Audiobooks are great fun for kids, especially when they’re in the car and you’re wanting just a little peace and quiet. It’s a great way to keep a curious mind active and learning!

    Some audiobooks, like the read-alongs with Baby’s Brilliant, have books available for children to read along. It’s a great way to get a child interested in reading, while they have their favorites read to them as often as they wish.

  3. 2. Read together daily
  4. read together

    Besides the fact that it creates bonding moments between parent and child, reading together can also help children with their fluency, not to mention their likelihood of being able to become early readers.

  5. 3. Bring book characters to life with discussions
  6. Toy companies around the world capitalize on toy characters from popular stories. For example, Disney Princesses generated about $500 million in business in 2014, because there’s just no way little girls are going to stay away from them!

    Children can relate to characters very well and have a tendency to expand their imagination beyond what is in a book. It helps their developing mind explore into new worlds, which essentially is good practice for critical thinking!

  7. 4. Get crafty
  8. get kids to like reading

    Crafts have a beautiful way of bringing characters to life. It works much like toys that help children create their own stories in their minds.

    Children love getting crafty, especially with their favorite people – mom and dad. So continue that special bonding moment with your child and help them understand stories with creative craft ideas from their favorite stories.

  9. 5. Take regular library visits
  10. Library visits helps build the excitement for kids, much like if you told a child you were going to take him to a candy shop. So imagine him getting excited about finding fun books to read just as much as he likes candy!