7 Moms Who Love Baby’s Brilliant

November 15, 2015

All the moms who share their amazing experiences and love for Baby’s Brilliant is what keeps us alive! Just read what these 7 amazing with different life scenarios who all agree on one thing – Baby’s Brilliant is a great tool for their babies!

“I think every parent of young children yearns for the same things…time! Time to sleep, time to eat, time to shower and don’t even think about asking for time to yourself!” ~ The iPhone Mom

homesection_2-3“It’s an amazing collection of educational videos and songs, instrumental classical music that will stimulate, educate, delight and entertain our babies and toddlers so we can steal a few precious moments for ourselves and save hours and hours to spend time creating educational and fun activities for our babies and toddlers.” ~ The Crafting Nook

“What I love about the Baby’s Brilliant App is the diversity of music and videos that are both educational and entertaining for young children.” ~ The Baby Spot

“My kids, ages 3 and 21 months, absolutely love Baby’s Brilliant! When I sit down with them at the iPad for some Baby’s Brilliant time, they give the app their undivided attention.” ~ Food Wine and Poopy Diapers

“My daughter loved the inspirational songs. After attempting to have her nap for about thirty minutes only to hear her climbing in and out of bed, talking, and jumping I put her in front of the app with some songs playing.” ~ 5 Minutes for Mom

“Baby’s Brilliant gives you the option of animated music videos, movies and night lights with classical music.” ~ Ramblings of Mama

“Baby’s Brilliant is one of those happy dance-inducing ad-free apps that are safe for babies 6 months – 4 years old to navigate on their own…” ~ One Smiley Monkey