Calling All the Super of Super Moms and Dads!

August 2, 2016
Being a parent can be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. With the love we bare for our children, we want nothing, but the absolute best for them.

Baby’s Brilliant grows with the intentions of helping young children towards a healthy, happy learning experience as they grow and develop. At the same time, our mission is to help parents towards these times, especially as we, ourselves know it can come with a whole set of challenges all on their own.

One of the many privileges we’ve had is the chance to meet some of the most amazing super moms and dads on the planet! Last week, we had the honor of receiving a truly lovely review from Khrystal Davis, a mom of a sweet little boy with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).


Her story, and what she has been going thru to take care of her son, is truly amazing and quite humbling for us. Here’s what she wrote:

The Baby’s Brilliant App has brought much joy to our son Hunter, who has Type 1 Spinal Muscular atrophy (SMA). Type 1 SMA is like ALS in babies, and robs the ability to move, while leaving the mind unaffected. As an SMA mom, it’s very important for me to provide Hunter with quality learning to workout his mind. The Baby’s Brilliant App makes this easy for me to do. Hunter loves the app, and lights up every time I open it for him.

Although the Baby’s Brilliant app is entertaining, it is also very educational. I would call it edutaintment at it’s best. There are sections for every mood and situation. Hunter loves to sing along with the Beat Buds, who are very upbeat. His favorite Beat Buds video is ‘Hello to You All” introducing kids to hello in different languages. Hunter’s been to China and Mexico, so he loves hear the Beat Buds sing hello in Chinese and Spanish. At night or when he’s recovering in the hospital, the classical music videos are soothing.

The read along books are also great. Our favorite is ‘It’s Okay to Look Different.’ We’ve learned to celebrate diversity in living with a medically fragile special needs child. ‘It’s Okay to Look Different’ does an amazing job at teaching children it’s okay if they look different. Several books are also in Spanish.

It’s amazing how much content the Baby’s Brilliant Family continually adds to the App. We’re always finding something new to explore. I can’t thank Baby’s Brilliant enough for putting out such incredible content that is both entertaining and educational.

The app is also a hit with our average six-year-old Ava. She loves to sing along with the songs and read the books too. Even our ten-year-old Alexandria will open the app and play what Hunter wants. Most of the time she stays with Hunter and enjoys the app too. It’s also important that I like the content. Some apps that are geared to babies and kids can be unnerving for adults. This is not the case with the Baby’s Brilliant app. I always enjoy watching and listening to the content.

Thank you Baby’s Brilliant.


Creator, mom and co-founder, Ulli Coulter wrote the following in response to Khrystal’s review:

Occasionally, you meet real angels in life, and Khrystal Davis is one of them. As a mom of three, i am inspired and amazed by her unrelenting dedication to find a cure for her little boy, and to make his life a fun adventure every day.

We created Baby’s Brilliant to entertain children. Knowing that it also makes a difference for families
with special needs kids, is truly humbling.

We would like to reach out to all parents of special needs children in hopes that Baby’s Brilliant can provide some help. Please do contact us. All content on the Baby’s Brilliant app will be provided for you free of charge.