Celebrating 2015 Dad’s Day

May 29, 2015

It’s just about that time of the year for us to celebrate all the great dads out there. This year, we want to do something absolutely special for one special dad. Below, you will find two places to enter for a chance to win some money. At entry set #2, you will notice a place, where one special dad will have a full, dedication page from us. On this page, you will have a chance to write a special letter to your dad (or husband) and post a nice collage, dedicated to him. In addition, we will send you a nice $50 gift card so you can take him out for a special Father’s Day treat.


A word from moms:

Erinn Sluka, Parenting Healthy

Do we really give dad’s enough credit? You see posts catered to Mom on how to entertain kids and baby and as summer nears, we know some Dad’s may be the one’s home caring for the kids who are out of school. If keeping the older kids entertained isn’t hard enough, babies need the most constant attention. This is why Baby’s Brilliant FREE App is such a great download that belongs on every parents device. You get some free entertainment from music to movies and if you want to grow that library, you will pay only .99cents for additional features! Baby will be entertained and Dad may keep his sanity!

Linda Perry, Linda’s Lunacy

The new Baby’s Brilliant app for the iPhone & iPad features educational videos set to classical music. This new app is for the 3 and under set. The free app includes 3 free downloads to get you started.

Candace Thomas, Luxe with Kids

My favorite feature of the app is the Music feature. They have rerecorded a variety of favorite classical pieces specifically for babies and toddlers. Music is so good for the developing brain and Baby’s Brilliant makes it incredibly easy to always have some soothing music ready to go for your child. This is especially helpful when you are traveling or at the store!

Susan Liberatore, Ava Grace’s Closet


I especially got a kick out of the night lights portion – soothing music with accompanying visuals meant to relax your little + help them fall asleep.

Kimberly Brown, Five Little Chefs

Do you find it hard to go shopping with your little ones? I frequently leave stores with only part of my list crossed off because my 2 year old has had his fill. Baby’s Brilliant app is fantastic because it can keep our little ones occupied while we get everything on our list. It’s a win for the baby and a win for the Mom’s and Dad’s. My son likes music and stories. With Baby’s Brilliant app I am able to download various movies with songs we love to sing such as Old MacDonald. This is a fantastic app for both moms and dads to have a little time to finish a task completely, such as shopping.

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