Baby’s Brilliant Is in Child Development Classes

August 28, 2017
Baby’s Brilliant is making a difference at home and in Universities! We are proud to announce that it’s been chosen by two universities in Illinois, to be used as part of the curriculum in their Child Development Classes.

Tanille Ulm, Education Specialist/Social Science And Education Department in Lakeland College states,

“As an Early Childhood Instructor, ‘Baby’s Brilliant’ is a program that is shared with our students because of it’s rich and quality content. As I network with other professors in Early Childhood programs at other Universities in Indiana & Illinois, they are thrilled to also incorporate ‘Baby’s Brilliant’ in their program. More and more students will head into daycares & preschools equipped with high quality videos and activities. Thanks Baby’s Brilliant!”

Students in Professor Ulm’s courses are now required to complete an enrichment activity using the Baby’s Brilliant app. In addition, Michelle Meadows Sherwood, Kathleen O’Rourke, and Dr. Murphy from Eastern Illinois University have also found the Baby’s Brilliant app useful in their own courses.

Educators, moms and households around the world have begun to see Baby’s Brilliant as more than just an entertaining app for children. It’s educational, developmental and enriching for children of all types. If you’ve got a small child and haven’t downloaded this amazing app, wouldn’t it be something worth just checking out for your little one?

Just check out some of the benefits below: