3 Great Ways to Build Your Baby’s Christmas Memories

November 27, 2017
Christmas can give us all some nostalgia. Whether it’s the smell of Christmas trees, holiday dinners, mistletoes, and music, most memories are happy ones!

People say that most babies can’t remember a whole lot. So it’s very unlikely that someone you know would remember things that happened to them when they were infants. However, we do know that sound and certain types of music can help calm a baby.

Surely there’s a small part of their memory bank that works to remember the calm feeling they have when listening to the sound or beat of a song. In fact, there are some babies that respond in a happy way when they hear a song over and over.

The happy hustle and bustle of Christmas along with the repetition of holiday songs can surely be placed somewhere in a baby’s memory bank. Give your baby some great memories with a list of beautifully animated songs by Baby’s Brilliant:

Run Run Rudolph

Jingle Bells