The Complete List of Baby’s Brilliant Read-Along Books

May 8, 2016

Nowadays, parents seem to be in a rush to get their kids to start reading early. This is never a bad thing, but you may find it difficult when your kids are just not interested.

Sometimes the way we teach our children can make a difference in their ability to learn. Most young children are curious about almost anything. To them, learning is almost always fun. Of course “fun” is the key.

In addition to learning, young kids love to share what they learn, especially when they’ve learned it on their own. With the Baby’s Brilliant read-along features, kids can learn to read or have their favorite stories read to them any time they want!

Baby’s Brilliant has collaborated with many authors to put together their own library of read-along books perfectly designed to help children learn and love reading. Here’s a list of this amazing selection, each one teaching a lesson or introducing children to many great morals.

read along books for children

First and foremost, make sure you click on the icon (see above image) that looks like a book on the top menu bar of the Baby’s Brilliant app. This will help you get to the list of read along books. Now, take a look at the following collection of books just for children collection:

Baby’s Brilliant Books

  • It’s Alright to Look Different (also available in Spanish)
  • There is Nothing Like Sharing (also available in Spanish)
  • It’s Alright to Be Scared
  • Lady Olive Butterscotch
  • A Huggly Wuggly Pug
  • Nigel the Pug

My Daddy is a Soldier

  • My Daddy is a Solder (Boy Version)
  • My Daddy is a Solder (Girl Version)

The Adventures of Midge and Moo

  • A Day With Moo
  • Lost in the Garden
  • Moo Knows Numbers (Coming Soon)

Sleepy Sunshine Publications

  • Huffy Puffy Cloud
  • The Opposite Adventures of Loki and Poki (Coming Soon)

The Top of the Wardrobe Gang

  • Hi from The Top of the Wardrobe Gang
  • Molly Mouse and the Bear Cub (Coming Soon)
  • The Bear Cub and the Ducklings
  • Cyril the Squirrel and the Nut Thieves (Coming Soon)
  • Aliens Love Astronauts

Raising Peaceful Kids Books

  • life is a RAINBOW
  • GRATITUDE is a funny thing
  • LOVE is the moon, the stars and the sky
  • Today An Elephant I Will Be


  • The Beginning Genesis1