Why Fun is a Significant Part of Learning

July 20, 2016
Have you ever sat in a classroom with a really boring teacher and thought about nothing except how great it would be if the time could just pass more quickly? After the class is over, you realize you had just spent an hour of your time sitting in a room, not having learned a single thing?


Retaining Information as You Have Fun

Let’s think of another scenario, which involves thought provoking moments in a classroom that you know you really learned something from AND perhaps even stored the information into your long-term memory. In fact, something about that time helped you remember it in such a way that you still know exactly what happened. It was as if the memory was just embedded into your brain.

Did the second scenario have anything to do with a fun moment in that class, perhaps? Was the teacher or something the teacher did, interesting enough that you actually remembered it?

Perhaps you could even think of another moment, which you remember very clearly involving a learning or developmental moment. Were you having fun? Having fun makes it a lot more interesting and keeps the person being taught to use their critical thinking skills in a positive way.

The creators of Baby’s Brilliant strive to make it a fun learning experience for babies and kids. With the understanding that fun helps develop growing little minds in a positive way, each of their features are intended to help these little ones learn.

iPads and the electronic touch systems have become so popular, because anyone can easily do “their thing” with a few touches on a screen. People are attracted to the interactive part of just about anything.

Children are Learning and Having Fun with Interactive Soundboards

Baby’s Brilliant understands the benefits of interactive learning, which is one of the main reasons for putting together their interactive soundboard features that offer your babies a chance to learn many different things. For example, identifying colors, shapes, learning numbers and letters with the ability to hear them all in one of 6 different languages.

Fun Videos Offer Helpful Learning

You would fall in love with some of the creative videos especially put together by Baby’s Brilliant. There’s a mixture of entertainment and education that you and your little ones just have to check out! Once you do, you will be left with the trust that your baby is learning!

Are you ready for some fun, free options for your baby to learn? You have to give Baby’s Brilliant a try!