Get 5 Free Baby’s Brilliant Downloads with the CityMoms App

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August 14, 2016
Finding activities and fun events to do as a family might not come as easy as you think. Unless you’re the socialite of town and “in the know” about what’s what and who’s who, you may, at one point or other, miss those special times your child would surely have enjoyed an event, especially if they’re in the special developmental age of 5 and under.
city moms app

If all of this sounds about right for you, then you really must download the CityMoms App. It helps you gain access to events, activities, and venues so your entire family can enjoy more special memories together!

Heard about The BeatBuds, but keep missing their events? Well, worry no more, because with the help of the CityMoms App (and being connected with Baby’s Brilliant on Facebook), you will always be up to date with their upcoming events.

Can’t find information for your area? Perhaps the initial launch group is in the process of being created. So wouldn’t it be great if you were among the first few to sign up in your region?

Since Baby’s Brilliant has collaborated with CityMoms, we are giving away 5 free downloads from anything you wish on the Baby’s Brilliant app after you enter the code “babysbrilliant” on the CityMoms app. Many moms are already raving about the brilliance of each Baby’s Brilliant feature. So if you’ve got a little one under the age of 6, you will surely have the same appreciation!

Moms love the educational benefits of the app for their babies as well as the free time they gain, simply because their little one(s) are fully entertained! No more will you feel the guilt of putting your child in front of an electronic device, because you don’t think he or she is gaining any positive benefits from it. With the Baby’s Brilliant app, babies are constantly learning!