How Early Can Bullying Happen in Your Child’s Life?

September 17, 2017
Most children are too young to know malice, or so we think. Yet we can still witness extreme anger and full blown temper tantrums when their toys are taken away. And what about the pushing? Why would another child want to hurt another? Where does that come from? How can our precious little tots hurt another baby?

age children become bullies

For some children, everything starts when they realize new senses feel good. For example, small children tend to be very possessive of their things. Sharing doesn’t come easily so when another child tries to take it away, they may get very defensive and aggression may occur. When the other child responds by crying, the defensive child may suddenly find it amusing and want to do it again.

Bullying isn’t just about physically hurting someone else, but emotionally and psychologically as well. As children grow, those who like doing the bullying find ways to continue their negative behaviors.

3 Helpful Tips to Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Bully

Just as parents hate to think their children are being bullied, most parents would also be quite embarrassed to know they’ve raised little bullies. So what can you do to prevent this from happening?

    • Lead by Example – You are your child’s best teacher. What you do and say around them are usually things they feel should or should not be done. So lead by example and when you’re around your children, be sure you’re more mindful of your actions and the way you treat people.

    • Discuss Feelings – Our children can go through emotional roller coasters in the course of a day. So try to get them to see that you do understand their feelings and help them understand it as well.

If there’s another person involved in a situation they are going through, make sure they understand that person’s feelings. Feelings can vary from one person to another, but helping them understand can help them see that hurting someone else is not always a nice thing.

    • Read Books – Books are a great way to relay information to your children. Most books have characters they often relate to and sometimes kids like these characters enough that they mimic their actions and like replaying stories in their heads over and over.

Kindness is a great way to combat bullying. When kids understand that it’s a much more satisfying feeling than being hurtful, it becomes overpowering. In a book by Benedict Coulter, called “It’s Alright to Look Different,” kindness overpowers mean behavior. Check out the preview below:

This book is a great way to help your child understand that it’s a much better feeling to be kind and accepting of others, no matter how different they are.