New Year Growth Developmental Goals for Your Little Ones

January 4, 2018
Every new year is an opportunity for us to start over and become the new person we also wished ourselves to be. It’s the best time to set new goals, whether it’s to make more money, lose weight, or just be kinder to others. Whatever our goals are, it’s usually meant in positive ways.

As parents, we also set goals for our children in different ways. It’s not always something we do at the beginning of every year, but sometimes it’s when we realize we could be doing something different to help our children grow in more positive ways.

Over the years, Baby’s Brilliant has created and published hundreds of videos and various app pieces to help children during the most vital years of their lives – the early, life learning stages. The following are some of the most downloaded categories for the curious and developing minds:

Building Social and Behavioral Skills

As your child grows, he or she might find some of these areas to be challenging.


Most kids at a young age don’t like the idea of having to share their things with anyone else. Though all children are born to be innocent, they don’t quite understand what empathy and compassion means. Sometimes the best way to begin to help them understand is by showing them examples through stories.

There is Nothing Like Sharing is a great story written by the creator or Baby’s Brilliant himself, Benedict Coulter. It’s about a boy who loves his fire truck but is conflicted with the idea of having to share it with other kids.

Many of our kids go through this very similar situation, but through the power of story-telling, you may be able to help out your own children when they go through similar struggles.


Gratitude has many positive benefits for children. It’s said that people who are most grateful in life are much healthier, because they are happier, less stressed and do better in life.

Gratitude is an amazing gift for each individual to have. Teach your children the value of gratitude early on with the help of Kathy Walsh and her book, Gratitude is a Funny Thing.

Baby’s Brilliant also has another downloadable read-along, where kids can be encouraged to silently talk about the things they’re grateful for, called Before I Sleep I Say Thank You

Interactive Learning

There is no doubt that children learn best when something interests them. Sometimes the best way to drive that interest is through interactive play. After all, what child doesn’t like to play?

Interactive soundboards have become the “in” thing for many parents. They understand that children usually have short attention spans. So entertainment must be ongoing. With Baby’s Brilliant’s interactive soundboards, children can learn many things through play! The options include: Language learning, counting, alphabets and more!

Follow Along Videos

There is no better way to learn than to follow along while embracing the power of repetition! There is a very LARGE selection of bright and fun children’s videos to help your little ones towards their learning process. At Baby’s Brilliant, we understand what it means to cater to the needs of young, developing and curious little minds. So we have grouped categories of videos that will surely strike interests and create a love for learning for your growth developing little babes. Take a look at our wide selection of children’s videos and create playlists for your children’s favorites!