October is Anti-Bullying Month and We Are Giving Away Free Read-Alongs!

October 3, 2017
Did you hear? October is anti-bullying month! We love that there is so much more awareness with regards to bullying. Being bullied is such an awful feeling. For parents, it’s a nightmare to think their kids could ever go through such an awful experience.

October is anti-bullying month

As kids grow, the trauma of being bullied usually grows with them. Some people respond in negative ways and others use it to empower themselves and other people.

Whether it’s your child being bullied or being the bully, it’s always best to help him or her understand what compassion and empathy is all about. Children learn so much from their surroundings and more often than not, they act on what they are taught or what they see.

One of the most popular books in our collection is the one that spreads kindness and love through little hearts. It’s Alright to Be Different and It’s Alright to Look Different are free for the read-along download in an effort to spread the anti-bullying awareness!